What Studio is the home
of Producer Stephen Cole.

Based in a stunning neo-classical church in Liverpool, UK,

WhatStudio will work together with you to craft a sound and vision, with the desired intent and confident agency


“Stephen is an intuitive, highly communicative mixer, able to effectively translate suggestions, creative ideas and vague descriptions into professional, characterful recordings. Both “Mallet Guitars One” and “Mallet Guitars Two” received significant critical acclaim from the likes of The Wire (shortlisted for “Best avant-rock”), Pitchfork, The Quietus and airplay on the BBC.” Ben Duvall, Ex Easter Island Head.

WhatStudio manager Stephen Cole has over 20 years of international experience in a wide range of genres, as a performer, writer, producer, mixing and mastering engineer, and is very keen to understand your project. … he is writing in the third person.