Band or Artist Recordings

What Studio is happy to facilitate sessions ranging from simple drum tracking to block bookings for your complete full album sessions

Need musicians? Drums, bass, keys etc… Just ask

Projects, when Stephen functions as a producer, should be negotiated.

Music Production

Take your music from ‘Demo’ to release with production involved in your music.
Bring your existing work in or start from the beginning with your idea and let WhatStudio work with you to achieve your musical aims.

If you would like to hire Stephen to mix a recording tracked elsewhere, please get in touch several months before tracking begins.

Projects, when Stephen functions with writing, should be negotiated.


Unique yet traditional writing that enhances and inspires, always superseding expectations and enhancing the given brief, be it songwriting, sound design or audio for film.
Bringing together a broad set of experiences Stephen has worked with some very credible names and agencies from Television, advertising, digital and radio as well as frequently requested as a guest lecturer on Songwriting, Audio for Film for L.M.A., Hope University and The University of Gloucestershire among others.

Mixing Services

I can take the tracks you’ve already recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, unique recordings. This is my favourite You will love the results!

Vocal Tuning, Alignment

Do your vocals lack that commercial finishing touch? Perhaps they need tuning, editing?

Drum Tracking, Alignment

Do your drums lack that commercial finishing touch? Perhaps they need fixing, editing?

Iso Rooms

We have a range of spaces to suit your production. A HUGE 40x30x30 Live room, an actual church with Aux sends from the desk ( working as reverb chamber!) Bass cupboards, guitar basements and multi-purpose Iso options in different parts of the facility. More info HERE


Using a Hybrid mixing approach I can create a coherent final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems and environments. What is Mastering?  I suggest it is getting another person that you trust to prepare the track for broadcast using their equipment and experience. I am not a specialist in this area but I have been working with this medium for 15 years and worked with countless artists


Send me your guitar or bass DI tracks, and I’ll send you back the vintage 63 Wem tone or heaviest tones you’ve ever heard, or the weirdest whateverz…you choose


Block booking is available for use of this luxury space. An ideal tour pre-production location.

Voice-over Facilities

We help run Podcasts, Radio stations and provide audio for all kinds of community arts facilities.  If you need a voice recording of the highest specifications to broadcast. Get in touch

On Location

Record anywhere What Studio’s Remote rig. We can come to record you at a live show, in your practice space, in your home, or anywhere with power that will allow the Volume of the session.

Live Recording Session Capture

LIVE Video recording + LIVE Audio recording = BRILLIANT

  • Multi-track pristine audio recordings
  • H.D. video (up-to 4k resolution if requested)
  • All composted together ready for streaming or TV
  • 1 camera shoot / 5 camera shoot..lets talk
  • Great for showreel

Regular Program

One song recorded LIVE and filmed once a month…regular…building momentum…

Ideal for snowballing your content to hungry fans.
Regular new films released each month, quick but well produced, perfect for engaging your social networks

More info HERE


Live Show Events Captured

Howie Reeve
Hugs Bison
Deux Boules Vanille
Trouble with Books
Mind Mountain
Peter Smyth
Bilge Pump
Colin Eccleston
Double Echo
Paddy Steer
White Blacula
Claire Welles
Charles Haywood
Icy Demons
R Stevie Moore