Tracking, mixing and production services are all available at What Studio, negotiated to meet your needs

More details are available below, but it’s always best to get in touch, to talk about your project.


-Mixing, mastering, drum tracking, solo tracking, remote tracking (live) is all possible.

Get in touch to discuss how. BIG SAVING ATM.

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Sessions at What Studio can range from short 4-hour drum tracking to extended block bookings for album projects. The live room is HUGE, at 40 x 30 x 30 foot; naturally, bands love playing together in the same room, and it makes for a better recording. The space itself has a growing reputation for an awesome drum sound.

The live room is linked to an actual church (to work as reverb chamber!), and also has Iso spaces for guitar and bass, and more options besides.

Need musicians? Drums, bass, keys, etc – just ask!


What Studio can take your demos and apply professional production to transform your track. Take a look at the clients page to get a feel for the range of music supported, all enquiries are welcome.

Projects, when Stephen’s role includes writing, are negotiated on an individual basis.

If you would like to hire Stephen to produce elsewhere, or to mix or record, please get in touch well in advance, to avoid disappointment.


Most often, clients at What Studio record and mix as part of the project. Alternatively, What Studio can take the tracks you’ve already recorded elsewhere, and turn them into professional, unique recordings. This is a What Studio favourite, you will love the results!


Using a hybrid approach, What Studio delivers a coherent final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems and environments. What is ‘mastering’? Arguably, it is working with a person you trust, with the appropriate equipment and experience, to ensure the output of your track is of a quality that meets professional standards and music genre expectations.


Unique yet traditional writing to open or prescribed briefs, delivered on time and on budget: songs, advertising, sound design, radio, digital, and audio for film. Showreel available on request. Clients.

Guest Lecturing

What Studio’s Stephen Cole has presented as an invited guest lecturer on Songwriting, Audio for Film, and music production, for Liverpool Media Academy (#RobbieWilliams), Liverpool Hope University, and The University of Gloucestershire, among others. Get in touch to discuss what you need for a session to inspire and motivate your students.

Vocal Tuning, Alignment

Do the vocals in your track lack that commercial finishing touch? Perhaps they need tuning, or editing? Let What Studio ‘tune-up’ your song.

Drum Tracking, Alignment

Do your drums lack that commercial finishing touch? Perhaps they need fixing, editing? Let What Studio ‘tune-up’ your drums.

Live Video Recording Session

LIVE Video recording + LIVE Audio recording = BRILLIANT

  • Multi-track pristine audio recordings
  • H.D. video (up-to 4k resolution if requested)
  • All composted together ready for streaming or TV
  • 1 camera shoot / 5 camera shoot..lets talk
  • Great for showreel

Live Video: Regular Release Program

Imagine, one song recorded LIVE and filmed once a month…regularly…building momentum for your project…

  • Working together, closely with What Studio to plan and produce a live video and audio session
  • Providing live audio recordings and video for your use in any way
  • Ideal for snowballing your content to hungry fans.
  • Regular new films released each month, quick but well-produced, perfect for engaging your social networks
  • Potential to combine with other What Studio services, for the complete

More info HERE

Live Show Events Captured

Howie Reeve, Horsebastard, Pifco, Cowtown, Coltsblood, Hugs Bison, Deux Boules Vanille, Godwosh, Trouble with Books, Mind Mountain, Unicursal, Peter Smyth, Bilge Pump, Colin Eccleston, Double Echo, Paddy Steer, White Blacula, Claire Welles, Charles Haywood, Icy Demons and  R Stevie Moore.

Recording On Location

What Studio’s Remote Rig means you can be recorded almost anywhere –  at a live show, in your practice space, in your home, or any space with a power source that will accept the volume levels of your performance.