Live Video: Regular Release Program


One song recorded live and filmed once a month…regular…building momentum…

Regular films, quick and well produced,  perfect for engaging your socials.

What you get?

One song recorded live with multiple cameras to capture your performance, lit 
well and thematically considered to your needs.

The song will then be mixed and mastered be Stephen who will deliver to you in all the usual file formats.

The footage will then be edited, graded and finished appropriately and the Studio audio will be added to the film.

This will look and sound STUNNING.

Your finished video will the be delivered to you, in your preferred video format and/or I will help you upload the video to your networks (I will help you build this too, should you need).

£250 per song in exposure program

*NOTE It is required to pay for 2 songs first to enter the program and then you can pull out the program at anytime you like.

What you need to do

Rehearse  🙂

If this interests you… GET IN TOUCH